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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 45539
Log Number CA-02032013-0001
Date Submitted 02/03/2013 12:10 UTC
Date of the Event 06/03/2000 12:00 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary Awoken in the night at cabin by deafening roaring sound - strange light.
Tags lights ufo

Sighting Location

City Gatineau
Region Quebec
Country Canada

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 20 Feet or Less, Unknown, N/A
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Stationary,Other,Unknown,N/A
Object Shape Unknown
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

It was sometime during the night of Friday, June 2nd into the early morning hours of Saturday, June 3rd (back in 2000). I live(d) in Ottawa (Ontario) and had a cabin up the Ottawa River on the Quebec side (a 4-minute walk to the river's edge)- just off the Highway 148 before Shawville (Quebec). The cabin was my weekend home (countryside getaway) from mid-May through to mid-September. It was still the beginning of the season - so it was pretty cool at night (cabin was not of the winterized sort). To stay warm, we all slept in the same (double-width) bed / bedroom with the bedroom door shut - and the electric space heater turned to high. It's always cooler out that way by about 10 degrees F. We - being my son and I, and our two cats. Sometime overnight, while asleep, I became aware of a deafening loud sound - but yet I knew, or thought I knew - even while I was becoming aware of the loud pounding roaring sound, that I was supposed to remain asleep and not supposed to wake up. (I know that that must sound odd.) With my eyes still closed, I knew I was somehow in the presence of something much more advanced than I or us. I became aware that I was laying completely flat out on my back on my side of the bed - with my legs straight and my arms straight by each side of my body. Note: I am a fetus position either side sleeper - and sometimes will sleep on my stomache.) I cannot remember if I was clothed and I don't recall feeling the blacket on me, or being cold. There was no thought whatsoever or normal concern for the safety of my son - who may or may not have been sleeping in the same bed on his side against the wall. Let's just say that I was not aware that I even had a son (because that is how it was). Eyes still closed, I sensed the presence of two beings in the room - and without seeing them, instinctively knew they were both standing and looking at me from the foot of the bed. I was not afraid, and I cannot explain why I was not. I became aware that I was immobilized - I couldn't move (and when I sensed I was immobilized, I knew I was not supposed to move). The sound was so loud - so deafening (and pounding). If someone was to ask me back then what kind of sound I thought it might have been, I'd have said inside a jet engine (assuming a jet engine actually generates a sound type that loud). That's when I heard one of my cats howling / "cat-screaming" - a blood-curdling / totally freaked-out screech / hiss - don't know how to better label it). It was enough to force me awake (or whatever it can be called), and I opened my eyes turning my head slightly, the best I could, toward the direction of my cat's screaming. He was just a few feet from me - he had somehow managed to jump up on a small little shelf on the wall - alongside the bed. He could see them - or sense them. His focus was completely on them. He was totally freaked out - completely "wired" / puffed out (that cat was terrified). I cannot explain my reaction or behaviour - but with all my will, I managed to lift my left arm - from hand to the elbow - enough to point to my terrified cat, and I calmly and clearly stated to the two beings at the bottom of my bed (even though I could not hear them or see them - they were completely invisible to me), "The cat is scared, please help him down." And that was it - that was the end of the event as I recall it. I guess I went back to sleep (or whatever it can be labelled as). In that brief time that I did open my eyes, here is what I noted / recall. (Remember that the door was closed - because it was cold and we wanted to keep all the heat from the space heater with us in the bedroom. No lights were left on - so with the bedroom door shut, the room should have been pitch black, period.) A dim, even, soft "white-ish" light that you could see (I don't want to say particulate - but it is the word closest that I can convey). There was no visible light source. When I say even, I mean there was no illumination fall off. The dim "light," if you will, was evenly distributed (so I don't recall or think there would have be shadows, for instance). If I describe it, how it felt then - I'd say: soothing, soft, gentle, and even (that's my description of the "light"). I could see perfectly - even though it was a very dim kind of light - and even though I could not see the two beings standing at the foot of my bed (which is odd - because my guess is that they would have been 5 or 6 feet high each - so how could I even guess that, if I never saw them). I remember clearly seeing the dresser with the mirror on top. The two beings were standing between the foot of my bed and the wall the dresser was up against. I saw my cat in that same light, the shelf he was on, and the pictures on the wall below that shelf. Here's the weirder part that is hard to describe - the bedroom door and the wall immediately around the bedroom door was not solid. I could see through it (like it was not there at all). I could see through to the livingroom. I'm not sure - but that may have been the case with the wall in the livingroom (another wall) to the outside, as well. I think the reason I think that is because, the white light and the amount of it coming into the livingroom was too bright, if not the case. This wall had the door to the cabin and a picture window that started almost at the floor (there was a lamp post along the side road, perhaps 80 feet from the front door - and I only had a single sheer curtain that covered that one big livingroom window - appox. 6" x 4"). The lamp post light threw good light - but not enough that it would have lit the livingroom the way I saw it through the bedroom doorway (area). That same type of soft evenly distributed light was visible through to the livingroom too. I'd have to say that my impression (how brief that was) was that there was a somehow brighter and whiter light source on the exterior of where I was (however odd that sounds). Sidebar: To this day, nearly 13 years later, I can recall almost every detail from that Friday during the daytime and into the early evening - with startling clarity. I remember this odd event with that same startling clarity. As hard as I try to remember more - I never do. I awoke Saturday - remembering nothing. I felt odd. I remember that I kept rubbing my eyes, and felt like I was a bit disoriented (not frazzeled - but like I was missing something or forgetting something). I probably got out of bed that Saturday sometime between 10:30 AM and Noon - and that was a normal Saturday routine for me (sleeping in - or just lazing / relaxing in bed while listening to the sound of the breeze in the trees, the birds, the chatter of those little red squirrels). It was around 4 o'clock that same Saturday afternoon, while sipping a coffee in a restaurant, alone, that it all started to come back to me (like a memory rush - that unbelievably loud pounding deafening sound and every detail mentioned above). I just "remembered." Well, that had to be one of the most awkward moments of my life - because how would I go about dealing with this. I knew couldn't tell anybody, because they'd just think I was nuts. Besides, I never saw any beings. I never saw any UFO. However, surely my neighbours and friends must of heard the racket? And that was the approach I took (the safe route) - find out if anybody close by heard the noise (but I didn't get explicit) - I just asked a few people who I knew had slept close by if they'd awoken to some loud noise in the middle of the night. Like what, they'd ask - and I responded with "I don't know - thought it may have sounded like a transport truck." And there were no takers - nobody heard it but me. I was terrified to ask my son - but I did. He didn't remember any loud noise or anything unusual. He felt just fine - and acted just fine too. If fact he became suspicious of where I was going with my line of questioning. Think of it, some parent I am - that when something like this happened I don't even remember that I have a son (a son that was supposed to be sleeping in the same bed and room as me - because of how cold it still was that night). As well, I had no recollection as to having our second cat that night either. I don't know if my son or the second cat were asleep in my bedroom or not (I had no recollection of their existence whatsoever at that time). In fact, nobody acted unusual - and I had to keep it inside me that that angered me. I guess I was thinking along the lines of, "common people!" - as surely someone must be going through something similar to me. But no. It shook me. I honestly just figured there was nobody I could tell or no means of sharing (afterall, what was there to share anyway).ity And Sunday, the day we routinely headed back to the city - I ended up finally locating my cat (the one directly involved in the event) hiding up in the cabin rafters. I had such a hard time getting him out and down from where he was hiding. He was still terrified and traumatized stiff with fright - and would not budge willingly - I had to literally push him. And I was so relieved to find him in that state - because it was the proof I needed to know (validate) that I had experienced what I had experienced. I know my cat knew / saw a lot more of what went on that night than I did. That cabin and our cabin weekends were never the same. For years I would walk down to the river's edge at night when it got dark (it was so peaceful) - but after that night, it was just too creepy (especially as I would pass by the dense trees - the very trees that had previously made all those soothing and refreshing sounds in the night breeze). The cats, both of them, stopped going out on their own the way they did before the event (after the event, they stayed right close to the cabin - and at night, were always inside - unless they were outside with us). Before the event, the cats just did what cats do - went off for hours. In fact, my son and I stopped enjoying the cabin completely. We had always felt so "safe" there (well, I did) - and it just seemed so creepy and different afterwards (especially once it got dark). Soon after, I put an end to our weekend cabin. That's it.

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